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20 Different Types of Boat Shoes

White and black shoes in a boat.

I remember vividly getting ready to take out my sailboat and making my gear checklist. Of course, the first piece of gear entered on the list would be my trusted boat shoes. Durable with superior traction on most wet or nautical surface types, including powerboats and sailboats.

I always felt safe and secure wearing them and wondered how many different versions of boat shoes were available. That question led me to this article and an in-depth look at the various types of boat shoes. So please read further and be surprised by how many different types of boat shoes there are.

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Different Types of Boat Shoes

1. Sperry Top-Siders Original Boat Shoe

Blue wooden background with a light blue top sider.

The granddaddy of boat shoes, the Sperry Top-Sider, was introduced in 1935 by Paul A. Sperry after noticing a dog running across ice without slipping. He cut some sipping in his shoe soles for better traction, and, viola, the boat shoe was invented.

Today, Sperry manufactures up to 30 different boat shoe styles. Their boat shoes come in various colors and styles and are all made from top-grain leather. The Sperry boat shoe is as comfortable as it looks, stylish with non-marking outsoles and a shock-absorbing EVA heel cup. Safe, modern, comfortable, and durable, the Sperry Top-Sider is number one in boat shoe value.

Sperry Strengths:

  • Leather strap construction with metal eyelets
  • Non-marking rubber outer soles
  • Leather construction in over thirty different styles

2. Margaritaville Lace Anchor Boat Shoe

Close up photo with white background of brown margaritaville lace anchor.

Jimmy Buffet would approve of these very stylish and affordable boat shoes. Even if you are not wearing socks, the extra padding protects your ankles and is very comfortable. The design is comfortable yet built to be tough and durable for all nautical occasions.

These affordable shoes are stylish and compliment any active wardrobe. You may not hear Jimmy Buffet singing, but he would approve of wearing the Margaritaville Lace Anchor Boat shoe.

Margaritaville Strengths:

  • A soft padded tongue and collar protect against chaffing when not wearing socks
  • The upper section is breathable mesh
  • Combination of leather and textile construction

3. Timberland Classic Two-Eye Boat Shoe

Man sitting in the tree branch with timberland shoe.

The list of quality boat shoes has to include Timberland Classic Two-Eye boat shoes. Timberland introduced the original yellow boot in 1973 and has since followed up with many iconic styles, including their classic boat shoe.

Constructed primarily of leather with leather-lined EVA footbeds, protect your heels while easing pressure on your arches. Timberland has always been synonymous with stylish and quality footwear. They deliver the goods with the Classic Two-Eye Boat Shoe that always looks good on your yacht or take a casual stroll downtown.

Timberland Strengths:

  • Leather is the majority of shoe construction
  • Rubber gripping soles
  • EVA leather-lined footbeds

4. Rockport Perth Boat Shoe

Blue rockport perth shoe on the car.

The Rockport Perth shoe is constructed of full-grain leather and is built to last, whether reefing the mainsail or strolling in the park. Durable and designed for wet nautical conditions, the Rockport Perth Boat Shoe gets the job done and looks sharp.

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The dual eyelet design of the full-grain leather shoe provides a little extra pep in your walk with an active synthetic sole. Comfortable with added protection for your heels assures that your feet, especially the heels, will be happy at the end of the day. The durability of Rockport Perth shoes will provide a high level of performance for many years.

Rockport Features:

  • Extra bounce provided by synthetic soles
  • Full-grain leather construction
  • Two-eyelet, moc toe seam design

5. Sebago Docksides Boat Shoe

Brown sebago shoe beside a rope.

Sebago Docksides Boat Shoes are just the ticket to look good whether on the dock in a storm or strolling into a fashionable restaurant. Beautifully constructed primarily in leather with detailed stitching, the Dockside Boat Shoe has over twenty different style combinations.

The EVA foam insole assures a comfortable cradle for your feet to weather any storm or occasion. The Sebago Dockside boat shoe can define your outfit or safely navigate your way around the ship’s deck. Feel confident in any experience with the Dockside shoe, and it will never let you down.

Sebago Strengths:

  • Constructed primarily of leather with EVA foam insoles
  • Artisan rawhide lacing
  • Over twenty different styles and color combinations

6. Tommy Hilfiger Bowman Boat Shoe

A darkbrown tommy hilfiger boat shoe right pair.

Tommy Hilfiger has always made the most on-design clothes and accessories, including the Tommy Hilfiger Bowman Boat Shoe. With multiple styles to choose from, the Bowman Boat Shoe runs true to the quality of the Hilfiger brand.

The Bowman Boat Shoe has 100% leather construction and a durable rubber sole for longevity and with the Tommy Hilfiger style. The Bowman is a functional, comfortable, and stylish shoe for all occasions while the sailboat is in its berth.

Tommy Hilfiger Strengths:

  • True grip and comfortable rubber sole
  • Constructed of 100% leather
  • Support and style with a low-top arch

7. Crocs Santa Cruz Loafer Boat Shoe

A crocs santa cruz loafer photographed in a white background one pair only.

Yeah, you might be thinking, “Crocs,” you have to be kidding! But, Crocs manages to bring the famous fun fit of Croc shoes to create a pair of comfortable canvas boat shoes. The Santa Cruz Loafer Boat Shoe does not disappoint and is comfortable as a Croc.

Construction includes a practical non-slip synthetic sole while your feet are kept happy in a breathable environment. In addition, the synthetic sole has excellent traction capability, perfect for a wet, slippery deck in choppy seas. Finally, I congratulate Crocs for creating seven different styles of boat shoes, each with its unique Croc personality.

Crocs Strength:

  • Lightweight canvas construction
  • Great pricing per size
  • Excellent traction provided by synthetic sole

8. Kenneth Cole Unlisted Stanton Boat Shoe

Most boat shoes are cool, but how cool is a boat shoe from Kenneth Cole without listing your shoe name? The Unlisted Stanton Boat Shoe is an all-canvas boat shoe with a sure-grip and flexible synthetic sole.

The stylish Kenneth Cole flair is on display with a traditional two-eye design with a thin brown strip above the outsole to give the shoe the Kenneth Cole flair. The durable shoe interior keeps you comfortable while protecting your foot and providing the wet traction required for those stormy days. And you look good while doing it at an attractive price.

Kenneth Cole Strengths:

  • Canvas construction
  • Saving on costs with the synthetic sole makes the shoe comfortable and functional
  • Six unique styles are available

9. Dockers Beacon Boat Shoe

Brown Dockers Beacon shoes.

Days onboard your boat create a challenge for any boat shoe. Cleanliness, odors, and other challenges for the boat shoe are never-ending. Enter the Dockers Beacon Boat Shoe, owned by Levi Strauss & Company and Dockers has been around for over 35 years. The Levi brand behind them lets you know the Dockers Beacon Boat Shoe is made with style and high-quality materials.

Constructed of 90% leather and 10% rubber, the Beacon Boat Shoe is comfortable and durable.

Generous treatment of NeverWet protects the boat shoes from stains and water spots and even repels red wine spills. In addition, the Beacon Boat Shoe is treated inside with CleanSport NXT antimicrobial solution that blocks foul shoe odors to make shoe life onboard as enjoyable as possible. Dockers Beacon Boat Shoes are made for life at sea and endure life onboard during any weather conditions.

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Dockers Beacon Boat Shoe Strengths:

  • Rubber sole for excellent traction
  • Constructed of 90% leather and 10% rubber
  • Coated with NeverWet solution for superior all-weather protection
  • Lightweight EVA outside
  • Treated with CleanSport NXT for bad shoe odor protection

10. Bruno Marc New York Penny Loafer Boat Shoe

Bruno Marc, not to be confused with Bruno Mars, markets a classically stylish boat shoe loafer combination offered on the boat shoe market. The simple, classic design has artisan moc-toe stitching highlighting a man-made construction.

The man-made construction keeps costs down and saves on the cost of the boat shoe at the same time. The Bruno Marc Penny Loafer Boat Shoe is lightweight with superior flexibility for all stress points. The comfort factor for these boat shoes is so high you have to catch yourself not wearing them to bed!

Bruno Marc Strength:

  • Durable, lightweight, and flexible
  • Italian flair and mock style design
  • Prices are kept low with man-made construction materials

11. Sperry Top-Sider Two-Eye Canoe Mocs

A close up photo of a right pair sperry top-sider two-eye canoe mocs.

Back to the granddaddy of boat shoes, the Sperry Top-Sider Two-Eye Canoe Mocs. These serious boat shoes utilize 2-eye rust-proof eyelets for lacing and the ubiquitous non-marking rubber outsole. Wear for style, or, as importantly, for comfort. Constructed with dual-density padding along the bottom of the shoe, they are a joy to wear.

We think you will discover it is easy to fall in love with the shoes because of their special padding and shock-absorbing EVA heels. These special mocks come in four different styles and have the timeless Sperry style on a boat deck or at the local cafe.

Sperry Two-Eye Strengths:

  • Non-marking rubber outsoles
  • Dual-density bottoms for extra comfort
  • Durable rust-proof eyelets

12. Globalwin Casual Loafer Boat Shoes

A pair of globalwin casual loafer captured.

The Globalwin Casual Loafer Boat Shoe adds style to just about any look. The Casual Loafer Boat Shoe stands out as an understated style and has seven styles. A faux leather top, double lace over tongue design, presents a serious sense of style when worn

Designed to be worn with ease right out of the box, they handle saltwater as easily as being a focal point of your ensemble when worn out. With their angular lines, they add a flattering look to your feet by narrowing the foot profile and at the same time projecting a taller appearance.

Globalwin Boat Shoes Strengths:

  • Short break-in period
  • Faux-leather uppers
  • Comfortable and narrowing look

13. Florsheim Atlantic Boat Shoe

A shinny floresheim atlanti pair in a white theme background.

The quintessential favorite boat shoe for warm-weather water conditions offers a secure grip on wet surfaces and is a welcome addition to your shoe wardrobe. It is constructed of top-grain leather with robust and contrasting stitching, with their signature cording threads running through brass grommets on each side.

They not only have a classic boat shoe look, but they also are supremely comfortable with a unique Ortholite cushioning foam footbed.

Florsheim Boat Shoe Strengths:

  • Classic boat shoe style
  • Florsheim’s legendary quality
  • Top-grain leather upper
  • Slip-on style with lace ties
  • Suedetec lining
  • High-rebound Ortholite foam footbed

14. Dr. Comfort Patrick Diabetic Boat Shoe

Brown and black comfortable shoe for diabetic people.

The Dr. Comfort Patrick Diabetic Boat Shoe is a classic boat shoe designed explicitly for foot comfort, especially for those with diabetic symptoms or other foot problems. The Patrick boat shoe is not only supremely protective of the foot but is also a classically styled boat shoe.

Focusing on rubber soles and gel pads to reduce foot shock is attractive and lessens shock on your feet. On the inside, soft, smooth leather protects your feet, and a cushioned heel works with a padded tongue to keep skin irritation down. And in the process of having superior foot protection, the Patrick boat shoe still manages to have a classy and sharp look.

Dr. Comfort Patrick Diabetic Boat Shoe Strengths:

  • Removable insole for custom orthotics
  • Protective toe box
  • Lightweight construction to medical-grade specifications
  • Supportive insoles with gel pods cushioning

15. Irish Setter Lakeside Boat Shoe

A photo of brown classic irish setter lakeside.

The Irish Setter Lakeside Boat Shoe has the perfect combination of classy looks and total comfort. Constructed of full-grain leather uppers and abrasion-resistant nylon. The Siped Pod Grip sole assures great traction in wet nautical conditions yet is very comfortable with molded cushion zones to protect your feet.

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The classic Irish Setter boat shoe has excellent ventilation and a sturdy build that provides strong support for the feet yet terrific flexibility.

Irish Setter Boat Shoe Strengths:

  • Full-grain waterproof and waxed leather
  • Abrasion-resistant nylon
  • Removable EVA footbed
  • Siped Pod Grip
  • Moisture-wicking nylon lining

16. Tombik Kids Canvas Boat Shoes

Top view look of tombik kids canvas boat shoes.

The Tombik Canvas Sneaker Boat Shoe is the perfect shoe for kids on the go or going on their first nautical adventure. Easy to slip on and off, they are excellent for both kids and parents, and they feature hook and loop closures.

In addition, the flexible Kids Canvas Boat Shoe is flexible with soles designed to be slip-resistant, making them both comfortable and safe for young toddlers. Available in three different brown, navy, and pink colors and are machine washable for easy cleanup.

Tombik Kids Boat Shoes Strengths:

  • Safe, slip-resistant sole
  • Easy for kids to slip-on design
  • Man-made materials
  • Easy to clean and washable

17. Allen Edmonds Eastport Boat Shoe

A comfortable allen edmonds eastports classic boat shoes.

Made in the USA, the Allen Edmonds Boat Shoe has a relaxed style with a classic look, equally as comfortable on the deck of a boat or sitting on the patio. Rubber sipped soles for durability and superior traction, and the Eastport boat shoe construction is of top-quality materials with attention to detail.

Rawhide lacing with two vented screen eyelets is functional for securing the boat shoe and provides excellent breathability. Full leather linings cradle your feet in comfort and a supportive fit.

Allen Edmonds Boat Shoe Strengths:

  • Made in the USA
  • Siped rubber soles
  • 100% leather constructed
  • Functional rawhide leather lacing
  • Full leather comfort lining

18. SAS Decksider Boat Shoe

A classy look of sas decksider boat shoes.

The SAS Decksider Boat Shoe not only has a classy look but is a Medicare and Diabetic approved shoe. The Docksider boat shoe features premium leather uppers and hand-laced moc toes. Embossed anchor symbols decorate the boat’s shoes’ lateral sides, and it has leather lace-up closures.

Designed to support the contour of your feet and cushion each step with Decksider Contoured Everbounce™ technology, the SAS boat shoe is super comfortable on your feet and can be worn all day comfortably. In addition, the SAS® Supersoft Lightweight Sole assures walking will be comfortable and easier on the feet, especially for those with diabetes or other foot issues.

SAS Decksider Strengths:

  • Diabetic and Medicare-approved shoe
  • Contoured Everebounce™ technology for superior foot cushioning
  • SAS® Supersoft Lightweight Sole for maximum shock absorption
  • Easy lace-up closure with a decorative embossed anchor on the lateral side

19. Mephisto Trevis Boat Shoe

A classical-styled mephisto trevis for men.

The timeless design of the Mephisto Trevis Boat Shoe can appeal to either classical-styled men or the modern adventurer. The Mephisto Trevis full-grain leather construction is offered in beige leather for all occasions, whether relaxing at the boat dock or joining friends at a local cafe. The detachable insole features Soft-Air Technology on the inside and Shock-Absorber technology on the outsole for effortless walking and a gentle impact on your feet.

Mephisto Trevis Strengths:

  • Timeless classic design
  • Full-grain leather construction
  • Leather lining with Soft-Air insole technology
  • Shock-absorber outsoles
  • Two-eyelet leather lacing closures

20. Aleader Canvas Slip-on Boat Shoe

A simple design and comfortable aleader canvas slip-on.

The Aleader Canvas Slip-on Boat Shoe has a simple design featuring breathable and comfortable canvas uppers with a rubber sole. The lightweight Aleader Canvas Slip-on has very little pressure on the feet due to the canvas construction. The removable insole provides excellent comfort that reduces foot odors and sweating yet is comfortable wearing bare feet.

The low-top sneaker design projects a casual-chic style, whether sitting at the boat dock or wearing it to an office function. The upgraded non-slip durable rubber sole withstands repeated flexing while providing secure traction in marine environments.

Aleader Boat Shoe Strengths:

  • Rubber sole grip
  • Breathable canvas upper
  • Removable insole
  • Lightweight construction with little foot pressure
  • Easy on/off slip-on design with dual side goring
  • Fashionable styling for all occasions