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14 Boats Similar To Carolina Skiff

A family having an outing with their Carolina Skiff 162 JLS.

Carolina Skiff 18 JVX CC

Carolina Skiff offers a wide variety of shallow-draft skiffs starting at $15,665. With the 18 JVX CC, you can fish in comfort and style without breaking the bank. According to Carolina Skiff, the JVX 18 was created for the ­budget-minded shallow-water angler and to provide relaxation inside an unsinkable, simple fishing vessel

The JVX 18 is praised for providing the saltwater angler with numerous advantages, including a shallow draft of only four inches, a reliable rolled-edge design, and a large amount of storage space. Twelve gallons of live bait may be stored in the aft deck’s live well, and a trolling motor can be plugged into the foredeck’s 12-volt system. There are six-rod holders on the boat for your fishing needs.

The trolling motor socket may be updated to 24 volts, and you can add a second Livewell to the console.

For a day out on the water with the kids, this boat has a swim platform and a 70-quart cooler as standard equipment, plus it’s easy to handle and maintain. Cushions can be added either in front or behind the seats. Compared to a flat skiff or bay boat, this design just provides more alternatives for recreational boating. Carolina Skiff is a company that has been making boats for more than 30 years.

Our focus is on the skiff’s final user or proprietor. We take your feedback seriously and work hard to ensure that both you and your family can enjoy fishing with our equipment. A 6-foot-6-inch beam characterizes the Carolina Skiff. wet weight of 1,073 pounds and a draft of four inches without a power source. Seventy horsepower is its maximum rating.

Boats Similar to Carolina Skiff

They are suited to shallower waters but are normally found in all sorts of bays, lakes, and rivers. All the options below are similar to the Carolina skiff in price, size, horsepower, and fuel capacity except for the shorter, pricier list at the end. 

1. Xpress XP20CC

A brand new Xpress XP20CC in a tow cart ready to be sailed in water.

The Xpress XP20CC is an excellent choice if you want the most storage space for your money. The boat has a substantial footprint for its price, measuring 20’3″ in length and 7’11” in width. You get a Yamaha VF115LA outboard, a single-axle aluminum trailer, and some nice extras like an electric trolling motor and a Humminbird PiranhaMax 4 fishfinder and a  for that price.

At only 1,900 pounds, this setup is lightweight and easy to transport thanks to its metal center console. The boat can reach speeds of 45 MPH, making it the fastest of the bunch. It can hold 18 gallons of fuel, has a beam of 95 inches, a length of 1,261 pounds, and a transom height of 12 inches.

2. Robalo R160

A happy family on vacation with their Robalo R160 hitting on the sea.

Robalo’s R160 is their smallest and least expensive alternative, at just under $24,000, and with a 4-stroke Yamaha F70 outboard.  However, it is constructed in the same manner as their larger, more expensive variants. 

The Kevlar-reinforced hull, the 316-grade stainless steel fasteners and fittings, the tinned-copper wiring with waterproof connectors, and the poured ceramic transom core are all standard features. Also, a single-axle trailer is included in the deal, so you can hit the water and start fishing the day you buy the boat.

The Robalo R160 has a beam that’s 7ft and a bridge clearance of 4′ 1″. The deadrise is15°, fuel capacity is 12 gal and draft up is 10″. The engine’s max power is 90 hp and the boat has a dry weight of 1600 lbs. It can carry up to six passengers. 

3. Scout 175 Sportfish

A brand new sportship Scout 175 in a towing cart on a dock.

Their first boats were smaller center consoles like the 175 Sportfish, but now Scout also constructs many considerably larger vessels. If you spend the day casting from one, you’ll immediately see why: they run far smoother and perform better than you’d think, foot for foot.

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The base model (just under $29k with a Yamaha F90 outboard and trailer) can reach speeds of over 30 mph while still returning an impressive 6.5 mpg while cruising and 4.6 mpg while going full throttle. You can troll a spread of four rods from the flush-mounted rod holders on this boat, which is one of the few of its length, and there are pedestal seats at the helm and jump seats at the stern.

4. Scout 177 Sportfish

A happy couple on a vacation with their Scout 177 Sportfish.

Scout inventor Steve Potts learned the ropes on smaller skiffs before moving on to create high-end center console fishing machines that range in length from 30 to 42 feet. With a base price of $22,495 and dimensions of a 7’3″ beam, 13″ transom deadrise, and 8″ draft, the 177 Sportfish is of great value. Its engine generates 115 hp and has a dry weight of 1,000 lbs.

Skiffs as well as bay boats ranging in length from 17 to 25 feet are now on offer from the business. One of four variations of the company’s 17-foot skiff lineup is the 177 Sportfish. It’s second only to the bay-boat variant (Winyah) as the most fishing-friendly of the two models.

A combination of a flats skiff and a bay boat, in the opinion of the experts. We are still able to enter skinny water and take it in the harbor without getting hammered. The boat is designed to keep you dry, safe, and comfortable with its level buoyancy, very sharp entrance, and generous bow flare.

He claims that the 177 Sportfish was built with shallow-water anglers who value performance, efficiency, and aesthetics in mind. It has a flush-mount rod holder, a console rod holder, and an aerated live well, and it’s very simple to maintain.

It has a swim platform, and captain’s chairs, and is rated for five passengers by the National Marine Manufacturers Association.

5. Sundance DX20

Close up photo of a sundance DX20 parked in the lake shore in New Jersey.

Since the DX20 is not a starter boat or a skiff designed solely for fishing, it appeals to more seasoned boaters who are looking to upgrade from a smaller craft. They’ve gained the knowledge to upgrade to a full-liner skiff because they know exactly what they’re looking for now.

According to the experts, Sundance skiffs are sometimes considered sport-utility boats since they allow their owners the flexibility to fish or frolic in bays as well as inlets while still delivering a more comfortable and secure ride than a flat boat would.

The same can be said for bay boats, which are also fantastic but require more water and, on average, cost more per foot.

The DX20’s layout is favored by anglers because of its large casting deck, numerous wells plus rod holders, and convenient forward and aft casting platforms. Jump seats in the rear are great for kids, and the cup holders are a nice touch for families. With plenty of headroom, passengers, especially kids and dogs, can feel more secure.

According to Sundance and Yamaha’s performance specs, the DX20 can reach a top speed of 40.5% with an F115 and a fuel economy of 3.79%. At 3,500 pm as well as 21.8 mph, you’ll get 6.41 mpg, which is the best possible cruise speed and fuel economy combination.

The draft is 6 inches and the beam is 7 feet and 10 inches. The base model Yamaha F115 costs $30,527 and has a dry weight (without the engine) of 1,575 pounds with a maximum power of 130 horsepower.

6. G3 Gator Tough 17 CC

A man standing on his G3 Gator Tough 17 while roaming in the lake.

For the angler-hunter who wishes to cast a line for stripers in the shallow waters with light tackle one day and fire at ducks the next, this aluminum boat is a perfect choice. A fiberglass boat with a similar size wouldn’t be as likely to sustain damage as an aluminum hull could. But because it’s lighter, it doesn’t need nearly as much electricity, can be towed more easily and can be moved more quickly and easily into the dock. 

In addition, aluminum is much less prone to damage than fiberglass if it smashes into something. It’s possible to keep the price around $20,000 by using smaller, less powerful engines (up to 50 horsepower) than the competition. This skiff, which can carry up to 19 gallons of fuel, has a dry weight of 865 pounds and can be propelled by 75 horsepower. The height of the beam is 83″.

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7. Mako Pro Skiff 17

Side view angle of the brand new Mako Pro Skiff 17cc on a boat trailer.

Our most popular boat is the MAKO® Pro Skiff 17 CC, a lightweight, maneuverable, and perfectly sized fishing vessel made entirely of composite materials. A rapid holeshot, dry ride, and agile handling and responsiveness are all benefits of the revolutionary Advanced Inverted V (AIV) hull design. One of the strongest boats in its class, its roughly 3/4-ton potential makes it perfect for inshore fishing of any kind. 

Mechanically and chemically bonding the deck to the foam-filled hull creates a unitized construction with excellent buoyancy and low noise levels during operation. Additionally, a hot-dipped galvanized trailer, a Mercury® outboard, and our industry-leading MAKO Assurance 5+Life guarantee are all included.

With a list price of $23,395 and just a roto-molded center console instead of a fiberglass one indicating any attempt at cost-cutting, this boat is a steal.

The boat has a maximum power of 75 HP, a beam of 6′ 11″, and a fuel capacity of 6.6 gallons. This skiffy has a dry weight of 1210 pounds and can comfortably carry six individuals. At its deepest point, the transom measures 8 feet.

8. May-craft 1700 Skiff

A brand new model of the May Craft 1700 on a boat trailer.

Like the Carolina Skiff, it’s hard to put a firm price on this boat, but if you do your research, you can get new hulls for around $18,000. This is a classic skiff, perfect for crabbing and fishing in tributary rivers and for crossing the Bay on calm days. There are two-rod holders, storage space in the bow and beneath the swiveling helm chair, as well as a casting deck on this simple but sparse boat.

In some cases, a bilge pump may be necessary. This skiff can carry 800 pounds of cargo and features a 60-horsepower engine, a 12-gallon fuel capacity, and a lightweight design. Composite/fiberglass forms the hull, and the boat has a beam of 2.2 meters (6 feet).

Anchor storage, a commercial console with a windscreen, stainless steel cleats and chocks, foam flotation, and a swivel seat with a storage box are all included as standard equipment.

More Pricey Options Similar to the Carolina Skiff 

9. Hurricane Center Console 19 OB

A couple on vacation riding in their Hurricane Center Console 19 OB at full speed.

The Hurricane Center Console 19 OB is a good option if you’re looking for a center console and also prefer the deck boat style. The Hurricane, which can be had for a starting price of roughly $43,000, has a beam that extends into the bow.

Maximum room and seating are available in front of the console, and the area may be easily transformed into a sun pad or forward casting deck. An illuminated Livewell is concealed in the sleek aft casting deck design, which can also be converted into seating with the use of drop-in backrests

The Center Console 19 OB also includes deck boat amenities that are convenient for families and anglers alike, such as a Fusion four-speaker Bluetooth music system, a swing-back helm chair with a 100-quart cooler, as well as a fold-away telescopic bow boarding ladder.

The transom height of this vessel is 25 inches; it has a 39-gallon fuel capacity, a dry weight of 2720 pounds, and a maximum horsepower of 200.

10. Boston Whaler 210 Montauk

The all new 2023 model Boston Whaler 210 Montauk on a boat trailer.

The Montauk, with a base price of $49,169, is a classic skiff with a squared-off bow that exemplifies utilitarian design despite having 16 degrees of deadrise angle at the transom. Whaler has been building Montauk boats for over 50 years, but the 210, which launched in 2011, immediately replaced the 19-, 17-, and 15-foot models as the company’s most prestigious offering

A Mercury® XL EFI FourStroke engine of up to 200 hp is yours to use. It comes standard with 150 hp. With a beam of 8.6 feet, a draft of 15.2 inches, and a transom height of 25.1 inches, this vessel has a lot to offer. The Montauk has space for nine people and can hold up to 66.5 gallons of fuel.

The buyer of this boat is someone who places a premium on quality and who values having a boat with a wide variety of amenities and a spacious, practical interior that is possible thanks to the traditional bow design. Whaler’s famous Unibond construction is the main differentiating factor.

For a Unibond hull, the process begins with the bonding of two narrow, uncured, shells welded with fiberglass; the opening between them gets injected with a liquid that swells into foam, and the hull cures into a single structure.

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11. Yamaha 210 FSH Deluxe

Back view of the Yamaha 210 FSH Deluxe with two men onboard going for fishing.

The Yamaha 210 FSH Deluxe, which starts at slightly over $45,000, stands apart from its competitors in several ways. To begin with, it’s the only midfielder in this group that can be powered by jets. Removing the threat posed by propellers while fishing as a family. The exhilarating handling of a jet boat is a major selling point for performance-oriented boaters.

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Second, it’s the only vehicle in our roundup with two Yamaha TR-1 HO engines and it’s the only dual-engine vehicle overall. Those who fish as a family and whose children also enjoy water activities are a natural demographic for this design.

The maximum number of passengers that can fit into the FSH Deluxe is 10, and it has a maximum dry weight of 2917 pounds and a fuel capacity of 50 gallons. It has a 260 horsepower At 7,800 rpm four-stroke in-line engine.

12. Sea Fox 206 Commander

A front view of a seafox 206 Commander fishing boat with a man onboard.

The Sea Fox 206 Commander is a boat worth looking at if you want a sun pad with recliner-style backrests, as most 20-foot center consoles with bow seating either have split chairs between both sides or a forward U-shaped seat. This boat’s bow seating is unlike anything else on the market, and it comes at a price of just over $47,000.

The Fox 206 Commander has a dry weight of 2500 pounds, a beam of 8 feet and 1 inch, and a deadrise of 18 degrees. It can hold 76 gallons of fuel and has a draft of 14 inches.

It comes standard with a 15-horsepower outboard and a plethora of amenities that are sure to come in handy when fishing gear is put away and pleasure cruises are on the agenda, such as a head compartment within the console, a 12-volt outlet at the wheel, jump seats at the transom, LED courtesy lights, and a telescoping boarding ladder.

13. Stoner Abaco Skiff 20

A Stoner Abaco Skiff 20 on a boat trailer.

The island-design boat by Stoner Boatworks, and can handle shallow water and long trips at sea. A graded pad built into the hull provides lift and propulsion with little effort.

They say the Abaco Skiff is surprisingly sturdy given its size, and I have to agree. For added durability, the floor is laminated to the hull and even the hull sidewalls. Eighty gallons of fuel are stored on this boat, so you can go wherever you want to without worrying about running out.

Casting from the bow and releasing large fish is simplified by the skiff’s spacious foredeck and low gunwales. The large forward dry storage compartments and spacious aft bench seats are great for families. The standard model has a leaning post, center console, forward insulated cooler seat, and rear jump seats; the base model has a console and forward insulated cooler seat.

Rod holders, multiple live wells ranging in size from 25 to 30 gallons, Bimini tops, and a swim bracket are just a few of the a la carte extras the company sells.

We measure a beam of 7 feet 2 inches and a transom deadrise of 20 degrees. There is no motor on this skiff, which has a dry weight of 1,900 pounds and a draft of 11 inches. The maximum horsepower of the engine is 200. The Stoner 20 can be powered by 4-stroke engines from Yamaha, Suzuki, or Mercury rated at 115 or 150 horsepower. It functions well in every possible setup. The starting price for the base model is $57,000.

14. Mako 21 LTS Guide Package 2020

A couple fishing on their Mako 21 LTS fishing boat.

The Mako 21 LTS Guide Package includes a boat, motor, and trailer and comes in at a price that is well below the affordable limit of $50,000. And by “fully loaded,” we mean that all the expensive extras that other rigs charge extra for are already built in.

Here’s a short list of the treats that await you: This vessel is outfitted with a Pro-Air Livewell aeration system, onboard three-bank 30-amp battery charger, Simrad NSS9 evo2 MFD with C-Map Insight HD mapping, a pair of Power Pole Pro Series II shallow-water pole anchors, and Minn Kota Riptide Terrova 80-pound thrust electric trolling motor. 

One could even spruce things up by increasing the outboard’s horsepower from 150 to 225 without breaking the bank. The maximum recommended engine power for this boat is 225 horsepower, and its beam is 8 feet, 4 inches. The boat has a 60-gallon fuel capacity, a 27-inch transom height at the center line, a 16-degree deadrise, a 12-inch draft, and a dry weight of 2735 pounds.