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18 Boats Similar to Boston Whaler

Boston Whaler Outrage 25 anchored in an empty dock.

From the very beginning of the design process for Boston whaler boats, the sport of angling was always one of the most important considerations. That’s what makes these boats a favorite option for anglers who fish both inshore and offshore. These boats have a helm station that is conveniently situated in the middle of the boat, which leaves an open entrance on each side of the vessel.

Additionally, the bow and stern decks of the vessel are open, which makes casting and catching easier. The basic shape of the hull is intended to be able to handle turbulent conditions, which makes it an excellent boat for fishing in the ocean. 

The Boston Whaler boat brand is also known as “The Unsinkable Legend” because it is possible to physically cut the boat in two and still float. Center console boats of varied lengths are produced by the company, and they may be customized with a wide variety of features, including rod holders, outriggers, bait wells, high-end electronics, hardtops, sunshades, and powerful outboard motors

If you’re looking for boats similar to the Boston whaler, here’s a list of our picks of the best alternative options:

1. Carolina Skiff 162 JLS

A family having an outing with their Carolina Skiff 162 JLS.

The Carolina Skiff 162 JLS is one of the most reasonably priced boats on the market. It has a NAP price of around $19,000 and is equipped with an outboard motor with 60 horsepower. You may be spending as little as $160 or so each month to enjoy this little but well-appointed boat, which has a swim platform with a three-step telescoping re-boarding ladder, an 18-gallon Livewell, and six flush rod holders. All of these amenities come standard, of course.

There are a lot of benefits that come with having a small center console such as this one, in addition to the cheap cost, including the fact that it’s simple to maintain, it has extremely low running expenses, and it sports modest tow vehicle needs should you wish to trailer it.

2. Everglades 435 Center Console

A brand new Everglade 450 2020 model in a dry dock.

Everglades Boats’ nine various center console models, ranging from the 235CC to the brand-new flagship 455CC, are all made using their unique RAM CAP construction technique, which renders them unsinkable. This procedure can be found across the entire Everglades boat lineup. 

The Everglades portfolio also includes three other bay boat choices, starting with the ever-popular 243CC and continuing up to the bigger 253CC and 273CC models, which are preferred by certain boaters. Everglades currently has ten different models available, including six offshore center consoles, three bay boats, and a dual console option.

Four Yamaha 425 XTOs are available as an upgrade option for the brand’s newest flagship model, the 455CC. The 455CC, introduced during the summer of 2021, is one of the best boats the firm has ever produced and the longest and the broadest.

3. HCB 42 Lujo

 A group of friends in a HCB 42 Lujo yacht anchored in a crystal clear sea.

Hydra-Sports Custom Boats, sometimes known as HCB for short, is responsible for the production of four center console fishing boats that range in length from 39 to 65 feet. HCB is also is a brand that is highly recognized by anglers who compete in professional tournaments because of their “no compromises” attention to precision and quality in their products. 

The “Estrella,” which measures 65 feet in length, is HCB’s flagship center console boat and the longest one of its kind in the world. The 42 Lujo is HCB’s most recent model and is essentially a reimagined version of the company’s previous model, the 42 Siesta.

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4. Freeman Boatworks – 42LR

A Freeman Boatworks 42LR with people onboard for fishing.

Freeman Boatworks is a relatively recent addition to the list of incredible angling boats. It was established in 2007 in Summerville, South Carolina. Freeman is committed to developing high-performance fishing vessels, and the company has already earned the respect of a long list of well-known charter captains from the Carolinas to Florida and Louisiana. 

These captains fish in waters spanning from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean. Their large power catamarans are famous for their ability to dominate the water even when it is in its most hostile state and for their astonishing capacity to reach speeds of more than 80 miles per hour.

5. Pursuit S 408 Center Console

A pursuit S 408 Center Console yacht on the sea.

The Pursuit boat brand is responsible for the production of center console fishing boats ranging in length from 23 to 43’9′′ feet. If you are searching for a Center Console or a Center Console Sport, there is a good chance that Pursuit offers a model that will meet your requirements. 

The manufacturer provides a total of seven different choices for center consoles. In Fort Pierce, Florida, one of the tidiest and most productive production facilities in the business is used to produce Pursuit boats. The company also has a sizable dealer network throughout North America, including the United States and Canada.

6. Boston Whaler 170 Dauntless

A Boston Whaler 170 Dauntless going fullspeed in the seas of Bahamas.

Despite their notoriety for being unsinkable owing to the fiberglass that encases the foam used in their construction, Boston Whalers are not regarded as being particularly wallet-friendly. And while having a price tag of just over $41,000, the 170 Dauntless takes up a comparatively tiny amount of space, and in most ports, this translates to a monthly payment of $345.98. 

Even though your monthly payment for a 17-foot Whaler could be on the higher end of the spectrum, you should be able to recoup a significant portion of your initial investment throughout its ownership. Whalers have a strong resale value.

When you put your foot down on the throttle of the 90-horse outboard and reach speeds of up to 40 miles per hour, you are going to receive a big shot of adrenaline. In addition to this, having a boat that you are certain will continue to float regardless of the circumstances in which it is operated instills a significant sense of self-assurance in its owner.

7. Edgewater 370CC

A family on vacation with their Edgewater 370CC yacht.

Edgewater is designed to accommodate any fishing audience and the manufacturer has a boat that will suit your needs, regardless of whether you want to go fishing, boating or casual diving.

These models range in size from 230 to 370 cubic feet. Edgewater has spent the past 30 years inventing some of the maritime industry’s most innovative design techniques for center console boats. Yamaha outboard motors are standard equipment on all Edgewater boats when they leave the manufacturer.

8. Yamaha 210 FSH Deluxe

A Yamaha 210 FSH deluxe with two men onboard going fullspeed.

The Yamaha 210 FSH Deluxe stands apart from other models in several respects, including its beginning price of only a hair of more than $45,000 (which is equivalent to $379.74 each month). To begin, this is the only combination that has a central console that is jet-powered.

Eliminating the need for propellers on a boat may provide a sense of calm to families who fish together and that’s exactly what you get with this boat. For boaters who are focused on performance, the exhilarating handling of this jet boat is a major selling point.

Furthermore, it has a twin-engine rig powered by a pair of Yamaha TR-1 HO engines, making it the clear winner in this category. Those who fish as a family and have children who also want to participate in other water activities are, of course, the most probable candidates to choose this model.

9. Robalo R160

A fishermen on their Robalo R160 fishing boat ready to fish.

Robalo’s R160 is the builder’s smallest and least costly alternative, with a NAP that falls below $24,000 ($202.53 a month with a Yamaha F70 four-stroke outboard). Regardless, the boat was built in the same fashion as the company’s more costly and larger models. 

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Tinned copper is still used in the wiring, as are waterproof connections, a poured ceramic transom core, and Kevlar reinforcement for the hull. Remember that this package includes a single-axel trailer, so you can launch it and begin fishing the day you sign the dotted line.  

10. Xpress XP20CC

A brand new Xpress XP20CC in a tow cart ready to be sailed in water.

The Xpress XP20CC is an excellent choice if you’re searching for a compact printer that won’t break the bank. With dimensions of 20 feet 3 inches in length and 7 feet 11 inches in width, this boat has a very large footprint for its price tag of just over $26,000 (or $219.40 per month). 

For the same price, you’ll also receive a single-axel aluminum trailer, a Yamaha VF115LA outboard, plus some surprise extras like a Humminbird PiranhaMax 4 fishfinder as well as a Minn Kota Riptide 46 electric trolling motor. The bundle comes with everything listed above.

The light weight of 1,900 pounds makes this gear easy to handle, and the aluminum console is a bonus that helps keep things from being too cumbersome. The 45-mph top speed also makes it the fastest boat in our fleet.

11. Sea Fox 206 Commander

A front view of a seafox 206 Commander fishing boat with a man onboard.

The Sea Fox 206 Commander is a great option if you’re looking for a boat with a sun pad and recliner-style backrests. Most bow seats on 20-foot center console boats feature a U-shaped front bench or are split along the middle. The unique bow seating on this boat is designed to let you relax completely. Monthly payments of $396.61 are required to acquire this vehicle at the MSRP price of just over $47,000.

When the fishing gear is put away and leisure trips are planned, the boat’s 150-horsepower outboard and other amenities will be much welcomed. LED courtesy lights, a retractable boarding ladder, headroom within the console, and jump seats at the transom are just some of the amenities available on this vessel. When the fishing gear is put away and the pleasure cruises begin, you’ll be glad you have all of these amenities.

12. Mako 21 LTS Guide Package

A couple fishing on their Mako 21 LTS fishing boat.

The Mako 21 LTS Guide Combo offers a fully-equipped boat, engine, and trailer at a price that is well within the scope of what is considered reasonable at $421.93 per month, coming in at just under the mark of $50,000. When we say our rigs come fully equipped, we don’t mean it in the sense that they have a few optional pricey features tacked on. 

 Additionally, there is a Pro-Air Livewell aeration system, a Minn Kota Riptide Terrova electric trolling motor with 80 pounds of torque, a pair of Power Pole Pro Series II shallow-water pole anchors, a Simrad NSS9 evo2 MFD with C-Map Insight HD mapping, and a three-bank 30-amp battery charger. Increasing the outboard’s power from 150 horses to 225 horses would cost around $6000, which is well inside the allowed spending range.

13. Sportfish Scout 175 Model

A brand new sportship Scout 175 in a towing cart on a dock.

Scout got its start with smaller center console models like the 175 Sportfish, but the firm has since expanded into building a broad range of much larger boats. If you spend a day casting from one, you’ll quickly understand why: they cast amazingly well and operate much more smoothly than you would expect given the size of the boat.

The base model (which includes a Yamaha F90 outboard and trailer and retails for little under $30,000) can travel at over 30 mph in cruising mode, over 40 mph in maximum speed mode, and yet return an astounding 6.5 mpg while operating at cruise and 4.6 mpg when running at full throttle.

This is one of the few 17-foot boats with a pedestal seat at the helm, jump seats in the stern, and flush-mounted rod holders for trolling with a full spread. In addition, this ship is unusual in having such amenities.

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14. Hurricane Center Console 19 OB 

Two men fishing with their Hurricane Center Console 19 OB luxury fishing boat.

If you’re interested in a boat that offers the best of both worlds, the Hurricane Center Console 19 OB could be the one for you. The Hurricane’s beam reaches all the way forward into the bow, and its base price is roughly $43,000 ($362.86 per month).

This lets you pull up as many chairs as possible in front of the TV. In addition, this space may be converted into a front casting deck or sun pad, depending on your preferences. As a bonus, the aft casting deck is stylishly designed with a built-in Livewell and removable backrests for use as additional seating.

The Center Console 19 OB isn’t only a fantastic fishing boat; it’s also a great family boat, thanks to its deck boat amenities. Some of these amenities include a Fusion four-speaker Bluetooth music system, a swing-back helm seat with a 100-quart cooler, and a telescoping bow boarding ladder that makes stepping off into the sand while beaching the boat a breeze. The Center Console 19 OB is a great option for anybody who enjoys fishing or water sports thanks to its many convenient features.

15. The Sportsman Open 232 Center Console

Two men on their Sportsman Open 232 Center Console going full speed on the sea.

The Sportsman Open 232 Center Console is the biggest center console available at a reasonable price, making it the boat you should investigate more. Just over $54,000 gets you into one of the most competent big-water boats around, with payments beginning at $455.68 a month. One of the more expensive choices, its measurements are 22 feet 9 inches in length and 8 feet 6 inches in width, and it has an 18-degree V-hull and a 103-gallon fuel capacity.

It’s a center console boat that can handle bays and sheltered canals any day of the week and will bring almost every kind of sportfish you’re interested in within reach on days when the weather permits going out into the open ocean.

16. 2020 Grady-White Canyon

A family on vacation in the sea with their 2020 model Grady White Canyon on the sea.

Grady-White has been in the business of producing premium quality center consoles for more than 60 years. The firm has received many patents for its innovative creations throughout the years; one of them is for a collapsible cockpit step assembly. Their dependable SeaV2 hull, which has been on the market since 1989 and has earned several awards, is the subject of yet another patent.

Grady-White has been honored by the National Marine Manufacturers Association as the manufacturer with the best customer satisfaction in the category of fiberglass outboard boats for the previous two decades, ever since the awards were originally started. Grady-White has accomplished that.

17. Contender

A contender fishing boat on a tow car ready to be sailed at the sea.


The 25-foot bay boat is meant for inshore fishing and beyond, but Contender is best known for its fishing boats, which range from tournament-ready center consoles and “fish around” boats to even larger models.

Contender has created a line of boats that are ideal for both fishing and family outings, beginning with the 24S with its front bench seating and ending with the 44ST and its dual 55-gallon live wells in the transom. All factory-fresh Contender boats are powered by Yamaha outboard motors, ranging in size from 300 hp to 425 hp in the largest models. 

18. Invincible Boats

A man with his invicible catamaran going to fishing.

Invincible Boats stands out among boat manufacturers because it constructs both power catamarans and v-hull center consoles. That’s what sets them apart from other makers of boats. The Invincible fleet has grown from its humble beginnings in 2006 to now encompass 10 distinct vessels (adding one new model since 2021).

From a 33-foot center console fishing “V” hull to a 46-foot power catamaran with a pilothouse, the Invincible series has a boat to suit every need. Invincible Boats are equipped with either Yamaha or Mercury motors right from the manufacturer. In addition, buyers may personalize their boats anyway they see fit by installing equipment from either Garmin or Simrad.