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12 Boats Similar to Albin 28

Side view angle of the famous Albin 28 express boat.

For more than a decade and a half, owners of Albin 28s have lauded the sportfishing, overnighting, and pocket cruising capabilities of their vessels. There is little question that Albin 28’s adaptability has been a significant factor in its rise to become one of the greatest successful models in the history of the company.

The Albin 28, which was designed by the naval architect Terence Compton, can be purchased in either an express or “convertible” model. The Albin 28 first appeared on the market in 1993, and its manufacture is still going strong in 2008 with very few modifications.

More than a thousand Albin 28s have been constructed up until this point, and according to reports, her length on deck is 28 feet and 4 inches, her beam is 10 feet even, her draft is 3 feet and 2 inches, and her displacement is 7,500 pounds.

It is realistic to assume that the majority of individuals who are interested in this boat will have some sort of finishing in mind for it, even though a few people will find the Albin 28 to be a nice weekend or pocket cruiser. The following is a list of other boats that might be of interest to you if you are looking for something similar to the Albin 28. 

1. MJM 29z

An MJM 29Z yacht with red and black hull colorway anchored in a dock.

Because it’s roomy, this boat uses very little gasoline, and it has a lot of personalities. It’s also a very popular New England cruiser that is available in three different configurations: the Down East, which has side windows that roll up; the Express, which has side windows that extend further out; as well as an outboard variant of the Express that can reach 50 knots when powered by 250 Yamahas. 

The wraparound lounge area in the cockpit with room for eight makes her the ideal boat for weekend getaways and long cruises. The remarkable combination of sophistication and uncomplicated design in the upscale cabin’s cherry cabinetry, convertible sofa, galley, and enclosed head is hard to miss. 

The standard equipment includes a Stidd helm chair, opening front windscreen panels, a bow thruster, as well as a teak-and-holly cabin sole. Impressively, this lightweight and readily propelled boat just over 3 gallons of fuel per hour when traveling between 22 and 24 knots with a single Volvo diesel.

2. Hinckley Talaria 29R

Back view of the Hinckley Talaria 29r called "Unbroken" anchored in a dock.

This one-of-a-kind jet-driven runabout with polished mahogany topsides is a work of art that strikes the ideal mix between aesthetics, craftsmanship, and functionality. The cockpit has elements reminiscent of classic sports cars, such as a teak helm console and a Nardi steering wheel.

Seating for ten people is provided by a full-width seat in the stern, an L-shaped couch forward, and an aft-facing sofa that is sculpted into the engine box. The cabin is finished in polished cherry as well as features a VacuFlush toilet and a V-berth ahead.

The swim platform is made of teak, and the bow thruster is included as standard equipment. To gain access to the engine, simply press the button that causes the engine box to rise. Kevlar provides the necessary strength for a fully cored composite hull’s construction.

When the water is shallow, having a shallow draft is an advantage. With a Yanmar engine producing 440 horsepower and a Hamilton Jet drive with JetStick controls, you can reach top speeds of more than 30 knots while cruising at 25 knots.

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3. Back Cove 26

Side view angle of a Back Cove yacht for sale anchored in a dock.

The Back cove 26 is one of the best-selling pocket cruisers and a great alternative to the Albin 28. It operates efficiently on a single diesel thanks to its adaptable deck configuration. A wide lazaretto located below the aft cockpit provides plenty of space for storage, making it ideal for gathering with friends and family. Below, the interior is finished in cherry and features a forward dinette that converts into a comfortable bed for two.

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A tiny kitchenette with a refrigerator, a stove, and a sink can be found on the port side of the dinette, which is located aft of the dinette on the starboard side. In addition to the conventional installation of a bow thruster, desirable features of this vessel include wide side decks plus cockpit jump seats. To gain access to the engines, the entire helm deck can be raised. 

The Back Cove 26 could be purchased in either an open bass boat configuration or with a pipe-supported hardtop that provided shelter from the elements. The overall quality of the fit and finish is exceptional. With a single 260-horsepower Yanmar diesel, you can cruise at 22 knots and reach a high speed in the mid-20s.

4. Fortier 26

A Frontier 26 with a man operating going fullspeed in the sea.

Another option to consider is the Fortier 26. The maker refers to this vessel as “an honest sea boat for fishing and cruising” and says that it is a classic Eldredge-McInnis design that blends characteristics of both Downeast and bass boat aesthetics. Full keel and skeg protect the propeller shaft and rudder, plus hull spray rails prevent water from reaching the deck.  

The boat has a V-berth, marine head, icebox, as well as a butane stove in the small cabin that is below the cockpit, which is made possible by the boat’s wide beam of ten feet. Take note of the teak windshield’s unusual appearance.

The addition of a fish box and a hardtop has been a popular choice. The engine box in the cockpit can be used as seating. The hull of the Fortier is completely cored. A cruising range of 200 to 250 nautical miles is provided by the dual fuel tanks that are 50 gallons each and are located underneath the cockpit deck.

The Fortier 26 weighs in at a hefty 6,500 pounds, making it far from lightweight. A single 200-horsepower Volvo inboard diesel, one of the numerous different engines that have been made available throughout the years, gives cruising speeds of 16–18 knots.

5. Albin 28 TE

An albin 28 TE for sale anchored in a dock.

This boat is consistently ranked among the top performers in her class. Before 2003, this boat came with a cockpit engine box as a standard feature; however, in 2003, a Flush Deck option placed the engine forward, which significantly increased the amount of space available in the cockpit. The spacious side decks make moving around the vessel simple and risk-free.

The spacious interior of the 28 includes a full-service galley with a refrigerator and a microwave, a standup head with a shower, a mid-cabin berth aft, as well as a convertible U-shaped dinette forward. All of these amenities can be found belowdecks. The floor of the cabin is made of teak and holly, and there are six opening ports to ensure enough ventilation. 

The Albin 28 is a fantastic all-around boat that has a dedicated fan base because of its durability, affordable price point, fuel efficiency, and ease of maintenance. A little over a thousand were constructed.

6. Hunt-29 Surfhunter

A Hunt 29 Surfhunter going full speed in the sea.

The Surfhunter is a stunningly constructed 29-footer that has traditional Downeast lines, and she always manages to attract a crowd wherever she travels. Outstanding design for an engaging deck layout and features There is an L-shaped settee with a lacquered wood cocktail table located next to the helm seat. Additionally, there is an aft-facing cockpit seat and a removable stern seat. The cockpit is quite spacious for a boat of this size, despite the presence of the engine compartment.

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  The Surfhunter 29 may be purchased in express, convertible, or hardtop forms, but there are only a select number of each being produced. The vast majority of them have been marketed with a single sterndrive engine, which can be either gas or diesel and a jackshaft that connects the lower unit. In 2015, an outboard version was made accessible to consumers.

7. Legacy 28 Express 

A brnd new legacy 28 express yacht going full speed in the sea.

One of the most elegant and well-liked pocket cruisers of recent years; more than one hundred were constructed. The cockpit, as well as the helm deck of the Legacy, combine to offer seating for between 8 and 10 passengers thanks to the boat’s generous 9’6″ beam. 

The higher helm provides superb visibility throughout the ship. The side decks are on the smaller side, and there is a bench seat aft that is the entire width of the boat, which prevents there from being a transom door. The interior belowdecks is uncluttered and uncomplicated yet is done to an exceptionally high standard.

There is a folding dinette up front, a private head with a shower to starboard, and a fully stocked galley to port, providing the bare necessities for a romantic weekend away. The headroom of the cabin is six feet, the woodwork is cherry, and the floor is teak and holly. A bow thruster and a teak transom were popular add-ons, and the swim platform was made of teak as standard equipment. With only one Yanmar 315hp diesel engine, you can cruise at 22–23 knots.

8. Mainship Pilot 30 Sedan

A 2006 model Mainship Pilot 30 Sedan parking in a dock with it's owner.

The striking vintage appearance, spacious cockpit, and efficient operation of the Hardtop version of the original Mainship 30 Pilot make it a popular choice among boat enthusiasts. Don’t expect much in the way of glamour from the Pilot; this is a simple boat with a few basic amenities and adequate craftsmanship.

The cabin was originally outfitted with a teak and holly cabin sole, a full-service kitchen, a good-sized head, and a V-berth/dinette that was located forward in the cabin.

The upgraded Series II Pilot was released in 2003 with a cherry interior that had been refurbished as well as a new cabin arrangement that had a V-berth that could be folded in half when it was not in use. In addition, the keel of the Series II has been reduced, and it now has a bigger five-blade propeller and a propeller tunnel.  

With 170 horsepower from Yanmar’s diesel, you can cruise at 14–15 knots. Series II boats equipped with a 315-horsepower Yanmar reach a consistent 17–18 knots of peak speed (low 20s top). These boats were a huge seller for Mainship.

9. Dyer 29

A vintage mint green colorway Dyer 29 spotter anchored in a dock.

Over the years, this model has been made available in many different configurations, including hardtop, bass boat, and cuddy. This durable semi-displacement hull has soft chines and a prop-protecting keel, offering open-water handling that is second to none.

The owners of these boats are willing to put up with the cramped cabin quarters and the obtrusive engine box because they take such pleasure in the 29’s readily driven hull and fingertip control. (Since the engine of newer versions is located below the bridge deck, the engine box is no longer necessary, which results in a more open cockpit.)   A single 200-horsepower diesel engine may achieve a cruising speed of 14–16 knots.

10. Eastern 27 Islander

An eastern 27 Islander going full speed for fishing.

The 27 Islander successfully mixes time-honored design with the contemporary appeal of outboard propulsion, as seen by the vessel’s timeless Downeast lines and clever deck layout. It is perfect for traveling along the coast, fishing, and spending time with the family on the bay. 

A sofa that may accommodate two people is located on the port side of the semi-enclosed pilothouse, as well as an open-air galley that includes a sink and refrigerator is located behind the steering station.

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A cushioned bench seat located at the transom provides comfortable seating for three people (an aft-facing cooler seat is optional.) The amenities in the cabin consist of a sofa that converts into a V-berth, a pedestal table that can be removed, a storage cabinet, an enclosed head with a shower, and an electric head.

There is extra space for sleeping or storing belongings in the mid-berth that is located below the helm deck. With Yamaha bracket-mounted 250 horsepower outboards, you can cruise at 20-22 knots. 

11. Ranger Tugs

A brand new Ranger Tug with people onboard spotter anchored in the sea.

Advancement in the Ranger Tugs product line comes in the form of the stunning R-29 S. It takes the place of, and improves upon, the R-29, which was essential in establishing Ranger Tugs’ position in this market. The new boat has more contemporary aesthetics, cutting-edge technologies, and a layout that integrates the deck and the inside in a way that is more seamless.

The R-29 S is outfitted with a Volvo Penta D4 diesel engine that has a rating of 260 horsepower. This engine is coupled to a stainless steel shaft and a bronze propeller. When the throttles are pushed all the way in, the R-29 S may reach its maximum speed of 20 knots. 

The majority of people will wish to slow down to somewhere in the range of 15 to 17 knots, which is where the diesel engine operates at its peak efficiency. When it came time to dock the R-29 S, Ranger Tugs outfitted the vessel with a bow as well as stern thrusters, each of which was equipped with wireless remote control.

In contrast to its predecessor, the R-29 S has a fixed roof that can be extended to cover a piece of the cockpit. Those who are going to locations with warmer climates will be thankful for the additional measure of sun protection. In addition, there is seating that can be flipped out, as well as a refrigerator and a sink in the cockpit.

When opened, the expansive panel of insulated and toughened glass that separates the saloon from the cockpit slides vertically upward. The open space is increased by adding a door.

12. Back Cove 30

A Back Cove 32 motor yacht sailing in the Elizabeth river in the North Virginia.

The Back Cove 30 is a pocket cruiser in the Downeast design that has an outstanding appearance, great performance, and a dual-purpose lounging area that may be used either inside or outside. Sabre Yachts, a well-known boatbuilder in Maine, has a sibling firm called Back Cove Yachts, which is responsible for building the 30.

It’s important to make a good first impression, and the builder of the Back Cove 30 made sure there was plenty of usable outside space. The only thing that separates the lounge seating that runs along the cockpit’s transom from the swim platform is a walk-through transom. 

The pilothouse is open, which provides the saloon with a lounging area that has an outside atmosphere while still giving shelter from the weather. The feeling of being close to the ocean is heightened when cabin-side windows are made of glass.

The cabin located below the main saloon has a galley on the starboard side, a dinette in the shape of a U that can be converted into a bed by adding an insert cushion, an enclosed head as well as a shower, and storage space. Having ports and hatches that are open lets in more light, and the interior’s teak woodwork makes it seem warm and welcoming.

The basic diesel engine is a 320-horsepower Yanmar 8LV, although owners have the option of upgrading to a 370-horsepower Yanmar 8LV or a 370-horsepower Volvo Penta D6. With 370 horsepower, you can anticipate the Back Cove 30 to reach a peak speed of between 30 and 32 mph.